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Zombies Takes Over Denver

When I heard there was a “Zombie Crawl” going on downtown, i knew i wanted to see it!
I knew i was too much of a chicken to partake, but figured i could go see what all the fuss was about!

There are some amazingly creative people that live around this fair city we have!
There were Pirate Zombies, A Tella Tubby Zombie, Babies dresses as zombies with finger parts in their bottles, there were a lot of brides – but only 1 michael. Really, just one?
The Masses
There were the people that agreed to be chased by zombies – they had X’s on their backs

There were the zombie killers – a woodie harroldson lookalike, a storm trooper, and some other masked fighters.

And down the road a bit was the Robot Defense League headquarters!

Robot Defense Leaque

There was a much smaller contingent of them – under 20 – vs the Zombie Crowd – i think one count was almost 4000! Way to go Danny Newman!

Definitely a good time was had by all!


Due to the mahem caused by some of the participants poor Danny has now been fined for damage to 16th Street mall.

Donate to help fix it!

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