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Who is this kid from the east?

As a new blogger for this site, I will start with a confession. I’m not from Denver. I’m not even from the Denver area or even the state of Colorado. I’ve never been there. I’ve barely been west of the Mississippi, dang it. So what right do I have writing for this Denver-centric blog?

Well, in August, I’ll be moving to Denver. So I’ll be writing from an outsider’s view (which so far for me has mostly been Craig’s List and Google Maps Street View), and then after I arrive, I’ll write about my impressions as a newcomer. Just think- you’ll get to make fun of this newbie in town, this kid from the east who has no idea that the house I signed a one-year lease on is in a terrible neighborhood, has asbestos, and isn’t even within walking distance of a single (insert popular local chain eatery here).

A bit about me- I’m originally from Pennsylvania, and am currently living in Indiana, where I just graduated from college. My day job right now is flipping burgers at a local soda shop, which gives me time for some freelance video projects on the side. I love making documentaries and videos in general, and am hoping to find a job along those lines in Denver, so anybody with connections, please let me know. :-)

Feel free to offer advice as I look to move to Denver- I’ve really been enjoying the view into local life that I get on this blog. And hopefully, this will be a new look into what has become commonplace for you.

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