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Reverse Osmosis Water for the table?

Reverse Osmosis Water for the table. It’s clean; it’s green and less costly than Avian water.

I first experienced it at Twelve – a restaurant that popped up over night! One day I walked by and it was just an old marquis with news paper on the windows. The next it was a dimply lit, clean lined, intriguing place to dine!

Our waiter explained that reverse osmosis was a really cool process that filtered the water, down to the smallest of particles! Twelve served two different kinds at their establishment, the plain and the kind with bubbles!. How fancy!

They put a bottle of whatever kind you chose on your table and you could fill your glass yourself (which I love, since I drink an inordinate amount of water in a sitting) or if they were in the area, they would happily keep your cup filled to the brim.

Our waiter indicated that this was the new thing and many of the smaller restaurants in the area were doing it.

My next experience with the go green, save the planet, reverse osmosis system was at Root Down. They only had one kind of this special water, and their bottles were fat and happy, but it was still neat and tasted pretty good.

They presented the bottle at the table and explained what it was and how it was one of their many things to help sustain the planet.

Look for the new water at your favorite dining establishment!

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