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nablowrimo day 27: Motherfuggin’ Denver Parking

I didn’t think I’d be back here with National Blog Writing Month, but I am.  Not by choice.  But by requirement to vent.  Without the ventilation, I’d be bum rushing every parking attendant I see in my area. And believe me when I got my mail late this evening, I’d blew a gasket.

Much like I’m going to now. Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

About a month ago on the 25th of September I was leaving my house at about 12:30pm intent on going to my second shift job. I recently moved into the DU area in June. Because there are five people living in the house, there is limited parking in the garage. Which means I’m the odd man out. Therefore, we were issued “guest” permits since there are only so many resident permits allowed.

I have one of those guest permits. I have hung it faithfully since I received it. I even had it renewed last week because I knew I’d get the ticketing ticketers on my tail if I didn’t.

Anyway, on the 25 of September I found my car had been ticketed. I was upset. Then the meter person (maid is probably offensive) honked at me and apologized, said he hadn’t seen my pass and if I could give him the ticket he’d take care of it. I said, “Oh, cool. Thank you very much” and was as pleasant as Pooh Bear on a honey buzz. I smiled, thanked him again and was on my way to work with nary a thought to the ticket.

Until today.


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