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“Standards of Ethical Conduct” Now Online For Your Viewing Pleasure

Just a quick post today to alert y’all to an online development you might find interesting. So, last year, early Junish-or-thereabouts, Denver saw the premier of locally produced office comedy Standards of Ethical Conduct. Did you manage to get out there and take it in? If not, you aren’t too late. Now you can watch it online. As filmmaker Roman Hargrave puts it, “It will finally be seen where it was intended to be seen – while sitting in your cubicle.”

Economists fret as worker productivity is in an unprecedented free-fall, while bandwidth usage is skyrocketing. Office managers around the country are also reporting higher than average hostility towards human resource managers….

In “Standards of Ethical Conduct”, a 45-minute office comedy, filmmaker Roman Hardgrave presents the story of Heff, a cubicle-dweller who finds himself in conflict with his company’s nightmarish Standards of Ethical Conduct after an unfortunate incident at the annual company Halloween party. “Last Comic Standing” semi-finalist Chuck Roy co-stars as Heff’s stoner roommate, a man pursuing a very different sort of American Dream.

The movie has an extensive online presence, with the official site at, the director’s blog at, and a YouTube Partner channel at

I can’t give you my own review yet, because I still haven’t sat down and watched it. Which is absurd, in that I work from home and don’t have to worry about the boss catching me goofing off. But there it is. I am remiss, and have only a self-imposed daily grind to blame for it.

However, I ran over to the Doza Pictures blog, and I have to say I’m intrigued by Roman’s guerilla marketing strategy.

Sita Comes to Denver to Sing the Blues

If you, like Roger Ebert, have heard about the intensely indie oddball feature-length animation Sita Sings the Blues, then you don’t need me to tell you what “the greatest breakup story ever told” is all about or why it’s such a phenomenon.

And if you’ve been sighing over the unfortunate copyright circumstances that make this film the most intriguing piece of Flash cinema you’ll never get to see, rejoice! Nina Paley has a plan to give her astonishing cartoon gem the distribution it deserves, the upshot of which is, you get to see at the Starz Film Center.

This isn’t its first time playing at the little theater under the Tivoli smokestack on Auraria. But it’ll definitely be my first time seeing it. I’ll be there tonight at the 7:00 PM showing. Say hi if you’re there!

If you can’t make it tonight, you’ve got most of the nights of this week until the final showing on Thursday, July 2. Pick a date and buy your tickets online!

And, while you’re at it, if you’re so inclined, become a supporting member of the Denver Film Society. Members get discounted tickets to any film ($6.00), occasional opportunities to attend free screenings ($0.00), and the warm fuzzies of knowing that you’re playing a part in keeping independent cinema alive in Denver (priceless).

Besides, Starz got beer! Mmm, beer. Can yer ol’ AMC and Century Theaters say that? Didn’t think so.

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