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Things To Do, April 11: "Ink" Fan Appreciation Event

I know, I know, I’m turning into a one-note blogger here. But how cool is this? How often do you get to see a local, independent film do so well, thanks almost entirely to a monstrous neighborhood buzz, that its run is extended three weeks past its original closing date?

Denver is showing all kinds of love for this Double Edge Films production, and “Ink” will now run through April 16th. So you’ve got a whole week more to see this fantastic film.

John LeBoeuf-Little poses here with Jacob's awesomely steampunkish music box.

John LeBoeuf-Little poses here with Jacob's awesomely steampunkish music box.

In celebration of the film and all the support it’s received, Double Edge Films and the Starz FilmCenter are hosting a special Fan Appreciation Event at the 7:00 PM screening on Saturday, April 11th.

The movie will show as normal, after which there’ll be a 5-minute exclusive behind-the-scenes feature and a Q&A session with the film’s creators. I’m told that, in addition to Jamin and Kiowa Winans of DEF, actor Jeremy Make (“Jacob”) and director of photography Jeff Pointer will be there. There’ll also be a special show-and-tell of props and costumes; if the idea of, say, trying on Ink’s costume tickles your funny-bone, you’ll get your chance Saturday.

(Featured photo: my husband, John, posing with his favoritest Ink prop ever, “Jacob’s box”. Cool, huh? I would not be surprised if this item also put in an appearance Saturday.)

Anyway, this flyer has all the details. Print it out and present it at the box office, and you’ll receive two tickets for the price of one. And as always you can buy tickets online here.

Saturday at the Oscars!

amc_theatres_cmyk_sDenver, are you ready to have some serious movie geektastic time for a good price?  A funktasticly freaky filmfest is going live nationwide this Saturday!

My favorite movie theatre chain is doing a Oscar Nominated Movie Showcase these Saturday all day at both Highlands Ranch 24 and Westminster 24.  When I say AMC rocks my house I’m not saying that because they’ve asked me to do some blogging, vlogging and twittering but because between the major movie houses in the area, they’ve won my heart.

As a blogger, I follow the sage advice that full disclosure makes baby Jesus giggle and coo.  And I’m all about the little guy being content and not throwing lightening bolts into my cranium.

Ever since I was in high school I would start drooling geek saliva when the chance to watch movies at HR 24.  How they have the seats setup, the overall feel and just the fact that I’ve never had too much trouble going to the moving pictures there cements it.  If I could marry AMC, I would.

So when they asked me to do some fun social media stuff, I said, “Oh hellz yea baabbyyy!”

I was a mite bit more controlled when speaking to the business woman on the phone, but inside my geek soul was a dancin’ the Charlie Brown dance.

So, I’m going to be at Westminster 24 doing some blogging and video blogging with a friend or two but I’d love to see you there.  I’ve not got details on where and if I’ll be able to setup as those are still under construction, but I foresee doing some video voting on what the big winners will be, some interviews about what movie is better and on and on.  I’ll update here and on my twitter as I know more.

Ticket information and times are below.
Highlands Ranch 24 Tickets and Westminster 24 Tickets

Movie start times a la local time
Milk 10:30 a.m.
The Reader 1:05 p.m.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 3:45 p.m.
Slumdog Millionaire 7:15 p.m.
Frost/Nixon 9:45 p.m.

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