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Fundraiser for Earthquake-torn Bhutan (Boulder)

First off, I know what you’re thinking. “When did Denver Metblogs turn into Boulder Metblogs?” Because today’s post is going to be about another Boulder doin’. Look, don’t ask me, there used to be like five of us blogging, all representing different areas of your basic Denver-and-surrounding. Then everyone sort of fell off the map what with life and stuff. Now I’m back (Hi!) and if no one else is yet they probably have good reasons.

So. Boulder! Tomorrow! Fund raiser for Bhutan!

The tragedy in Haiti has gotten a lot of air-time, and rightfully so. But a sad effect of big famous tragedies is how they obscure also big (in terms of human impact) but less famous tragedies. Sort of like after Hurricane Katrina, most of news was about New Orleans and not about, say, towns in gulf-coast Mississippi that had gotten wiped off the map.

The point isn’t to complain about this effect, but to do something about it. And some very good people are indeed doing something.

Bhutan has suffered three (3) major earthquakes in the past four (4) months (see September 2009). That’s a whole lot of shaking in not a lot of time, and the damage to infrastructural necessities has been immense. To raise money to help re-build, an event is going on tomorrow, Friday, February 26, at 6:30 p.m. at the Unity Church of Boulder (2855 Folsom Street). The cost is $35, which covers food, drinks, and your seat in the audience for some wonderful cultural performances. All proceeds go directly to aid the rebuilding efforts in the affected communities.

The flyer says to RSVP by today, Thursday, February 25th, which is sort of almost over. (Sorry. I found out about the event late myself.) But I doubt anyone will turn your money away at the door–every cent will help so much. But to be safe, you might want to call ahead first:

Arunama: (303) 514-4177,
Akayah: (720) 839-6266

Even if you can’t attend, you might want to call to find out how you can help in other ways. (Also, see TLC Bhutan on Facebook.)

Please spread the word as much as you can. Thanks for reading.

Tomorrow: Alpacas! In Longmont!

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