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Ignite Denver #4 – Casselman’s Bar and Venue

Ignite Denver #4!!!

Ignite Denver!
This Wednesday at Casselmans on Walnut!

Wednesday, July 8, 6:00 PM
2620 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205
(720) 242-8923

There is a local band – The Compilers – doing a performance during intermission! Woohoo Free Local Music!
Never been to an Ignite Denver before here is the 411:

If you have 5 minutes on stage, what would you talk about?
What if you only had 20 slides, that advanced automatically every 15 seconds?
Geeks around the world have been getting together to find out!

Come join this fun! There was a sell out crowd in May!!

It’s a grand time! Lots of random and interesting topics to listen to!
Tons of people to meet and greet!

There is a fantastic line up again this time!
Pass the word and come join the fun!
It’s free – just make sure to register to get into the raffles!

Obama Rally in Civic Center Park today

I headed out into the early (9am) morning winds to the 16th st mall, hopped on the mall ride to the end, walked about a mile and a half to the end of a line that turned out to go nowhere, and finally landed in a pretty good spot in the park, where I saw an Obama shaped spec in the distance.

Rumor has it, we had about 100,000 people turn out. I believe it. The entire park was jammed with people, as well as the lawn of the capital. I was shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Colorado Dems, and it was pretty damn cool!

Obama rally snippet

I took a bunch of pics (which are stuck on my iPhone until my main laptop is back from the shop, short of emailing each one to myself), and 16 clips of video. This is one of them. I woulda done his whole speech, but my arm wouldn’t have made it.

So neighborhood Flix is gone

logo_main.gifI’m not sure I care. Harsh as that sounds, I think they executed poorly. Here’s why.

1. Cost. I tried to have Ignite Denver there, they wanted $2500 for the night, not counting any food or drink, that was just to secure the location. Other bars (including the one we ended up at) were free, relying (successfully I believe) on food and drink orders from the 100+ people to carry the night.

2. First run movies. Blah. There’s too many movie theatres already, if I want to just go see whatever is out, I’m not gonna do it at a place where I can eat and drink. I’ll find a showtime, and go. I’ll meet up with friends, or go out on a date with my wife before or after. Go for the niche stuff. Do a Planet of the Apes day/night. Star Trek marathon, Star Wars, B movie marathons, heck a Shermer Illinois marathon!

Go for the off beat, the “Brings back my childhood”, the “I want my kid to experience the wonder” type films. I don’t know and could be wrong, but I’m guessing it’s easier to get the rights to Planet of the Apes, than to Iron Man.

I hope the next owners of ‘Flix are better able to capitalize on the incredible library of past works. Shoot, show a “Movie remakes that were better the first time” marathon, there’s no end to what could be seen.

And advertise, set up a twitter account to let people know what’s playing, blog about what running the joint is like, get social. Don’t just expect people to show up, being next to Tattered Cover isn’t enough.

Maybe I should buy the place? LOL

Larimer Squar Chili Cookoff

Walked down to Larimer square today to take a look at the Chili cook off, put on by the various Fire Departments in the area. IT WAS PACKED!

I got there in the last hour, thinking it’d be less crowded, my mistake.


It was wall to wall people and firemen and chili. It looked like most bowls were about three bucks, and that went to charity in total or in part, I’m not sure.

IMG_0361.JPG The booths were really quite interesting and well done. No EAZY-UPs here boys and girls!IMG_0362.JPG

Ok well some. :)

The weather was great for the event too! Not too hot, not cold. Very nice.

If you didn’t make it down, make sure to hit up the

Larimer Square site so you can keep informed.

mmmmm chili.

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