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In Mourning Over the Nuggets

What a lousy way to end a great season….

I really enjoyed the Nuggets all year.  I am just disappointed with the last five quarters.  Still, they played incredible basketball and went a lot farther than I expected at the beginning of the season.  When they play defense, they are a great team.  When they pass the ball and move without the ball, they are a great team.  Unfortunately, they forgot those things for the last five quarters of the series with the Lakers or they would still be playing.

The good news is that they have all the pieces to make another run next year.  JR is ready to break into the big time and Chauncy and  Melo are both playing great.  We need to get more consistent offense from Nene and consistent team defense should be the top priority for 2009-2010.

Now I am rooting for the Magic.  I was just in Orlando visiting with good friends of mine.  They are Orlando personal injury attorneys and are major Magic fans.  While I wish we could have seen a Denver/Orlando Championship series, I am now on the Magic bandwagon and rooting for them to beat both LeBron and Kobe.  Go Magic!

Nuggets Looking Good in Green

Tonight, the NBA decided to highlight their pro-environment position with green uniforms for the Denver Nuggets.  They looked like the Boston Celtics – and some of them played like the Celtics too.

JR Smith looked like Ray Allen of the Celtics as he hit eight three point baskets.

Chris Anderson played like Bill Russell with eight blocked shots.

And Carmelo looked like Paul Pierce with his green headband.

And they won!  They beet the Utah Jazz!

I think they might want to wear green every night.

The Nuggets have now won 50 games for the second straight season – and they are in second place in the Western Conference.  Only behind the Lakers.

With all the bad news we keep hearing from the Avalanche and the Broncos trading away Jay Cutler, it looks like we might have a real basketball teamthis year.  Now, if they can only win a playoff series or two….

Shining Stars Basketball Club – Denver Youth Basketball

I just returned from my daughter’s tryout with the Shining Stars Basketball club.  This is her second year and it is clear that the organization is growing very well.  Lots more girls showed up this year than did last year.

I can’t say enough about the organization.  The founders – Sonny Scarlett and Chris Peterson (Coach “Pete”) – are two quality individuals.  It is clear from everything they say – and more important, everything they do, that they are all about helping the players improve their skills.  That attitude and that feeling permeates the entire organization including all of the coaches.  It is a competitive environment, but it really feels good to be there.

If your son or daughter is interested in competitive basketball, you are missing out if you don’t check out The Shining Stars.

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