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Creativity Workshop This Sunday in Broomfield

If you’re up Broomfield way this weekend, and if you’re an artist of any stripe, there’s a workshop going on Sunday with your name on it–

Wait. Back up a step. “If you’re an artist”–don’t let that phrase exclude you. Perhaps it’s better to say, “If you’re an individual with a creative bent–”

But, see, even that can be daunting. For every working artist out there, whether putting together his or her latest literary venture in a coffee shop or blazing out strokes of vibrancy on the canvas, there’s the friend or acquaintance or stranger who watches them and says, “I wish I was creative like you.”

They’re only a change of mind away from having their wish, because they already are creative, if only they would believe it! We all are creative. You are, too. Look: You are an individual human being. Being human means being a creator. And original? Of course you’re original. No one else speaks with your voice, takes in the world with your physical sense, parses that data with your brain. Every single one of us, and that means you and you and you–we are each a storehouse of creative works, of art, that only each one of us can bring to life.

Hence, this workshop, aimed to reconnect participants with that drive to create, because creating things is fun and is the natural human response to the world.

Loosening Your Creative Voice: An Interactive Workshop
Sunday, March 28, 2010, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Broomfield Auditorium Lobby Gallery
3 Community Park Road, Broomfield

Join us for this two-hour workshop that will nourish and loosen our creative voice, that inner conversation which too often is squelched by the busy demands of our everyday lives.

During our time together, we will explore activities that call attention to who we are and how we express our individuality. We will write, create a sand tray scene, listen to music and poetry, and connect with the physicality of creative expression.

There is no right or wrong here – just fun, introspection, and a sharing of our discoveries in a safe place. We’ll learn more about how we observe and how we respond to the immediate world, both around us and within us.

Workshop facilitators are my good friend Karen Douglass, an exquisite poet whose most recent book is The Great Hunger (Plain View Press, 2009); and musician and visual artist Ellen Laverdure, whose works in watercolor and pastel you can see at her website.

Workshop fee of $20 may be paid at the door, but do please register ahead of time to reserve your spot by call the Broomfield Cultural Affairs, 303-464-5835, or by calling Ellen, 303-495-3150.

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