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man, this airport is full of BS

like the sign says

Actually, it’s just American Airlines, from what I hear. I rather like DIA, it’s a pretty airport.

Beautiful Day For Flying

Hi, y’all. Nicole here, Denver Metblog’s Boulder-area correspondent, specializing in all things aviation. Just got back from performing touch-n-gos in Longmont and Boulder. It was a gorgeous day for it, as I shall demonstrate photographically:

The view of the ramp from Journeys Aviation’s porch at Boulder Municipal Airport

You just never know, right? Sunny on Saturday, snow on Monday, and in between a Sunday forecasting 40% chance of thunderstorms. What do you do? You put yourself on the airplane schedule and you hope. And sometimes you get lucky: sun shines, ice melts, wind remains obligingly below 10 knots and refrains from gusting. Knock on wood.

So. Welcome to the Boulder Municipal Airport. Pretty, huh? You know you wanna come visit. In fact–get your calendars out–a great day to visit would be May 10th, when Journeys Aviation will host an open house at the Executive Terminal. They got a barbecue grill, and they know how to use it. Also wi-fi and deep comfy couches. Save the date!

My latest project has been to get Journeys Aviation to trust me with their Cessna 152, so I’ve been flying in it with one of their instructors. Cessna 152s are just like 172s, except they’re much smaller. You will be hip-to-hip with your instructor, and you will have to be OK with that. But you will be able to reach the rudder and brake pedals, guaranteed. Also? Slower. Much, much slower. “Are we at pattern altitude yet? Are we? How about now?” Yeah.

Anyway, it was a successful outing. I’m all signed off and in good shape to recommence with bringing you the aerial photography, which I know you’ve just been missing <em>terribly.</em>

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