Chalk Art Day 2

The final day of the Piazza del la Arte ended on a sad note!

A friend and I hoofed it from the People’s Fair to Larimer to catch the chalk art before the clouds got any darker!

The mass of people crowded down Larimer was intense! The weather was thankfully not as hot, since the clouds were threatening! As we started to view the mostly finished works of arts the first drops of rain started…

We walked faster and faster and tried to take in as much of the beautiful works of art as possible!

Big Blue Bear Mostly Done

Candy Land Mostly Finished

Again – I was amazed by all the hard work, and amazing results.

After, we headed into Samba Room and grabbed a seat in the bar to watch the devastation that was about to ensue…

And ensue it did…

The rains came. The rains came hard and fast and were ruthless. The chalk disintegrated in a blink of an eye.

It was the saddest thing to see. I realize these works of art were fleeting at best and that the following morning’s rush hour traffic would have turned everything beautiful into smudge. But to have it taken in it’s prime, so quickly and so permanently. Sigh.

The rain stopped as quickly as it came – about long enough for a Cuban sandwich and a bowl of lobster bisque to be inhaled into my belly!

It was a wonder to see and I look forward to see the amazing sights next year!

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