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It’s a question.  Not just for the authors here, but also our readers (if you exist, which given the comment count…you might not actually) to discuss.  You see, Denver’s unique in several ways.  We’ve got a lot of independent sources for local news and interaction.  9news partners with Metromix which has a very vibrant (yet very corporate) and alive feeling.  I found a post from a city councilman from Thornton on  The Denver Post has posted here in the comments and briefly drafted me to the Aurora Block Blog, before I quietly moved to Denver.  Westwood literally has the block covered on the local scene and I can bet my sweet bippy that their online blogs and communities are thriving.

I’m not bagging on Metblogs or the Denver Metblog.  That’s far from the case.  I think we as a team o’ writers (which reminds me, where the eff is everyone besides me, Nicole, Abisset, John and John’s wife) are trying to figure out just what in the world the purpose of the Denver Metblog is in the long run.

As a Metblog we are supposed to report on the things happening in our city and blog from a local perspective.  Trouble is, Denver’s already got that covered five ways to Tuesday with the aforementioned items in the first paragraph.  The voice of Denver Metblogs has become something of a meandering drunken homeless person on Colfax (apologies to all homeless drunken people on Colfax).

So the question is, what is the Voice of the Denver Metblogs supposed to be?  Are we simply parrots of the endless streams of blogging material already out there?  Do we need to take on a project for the next few months to craft and attract attention, eyes and in the end loyal readers?  This question is open to everyone reading this right now, so feel free to let loose in the comments.  Mind you, you’ll have to register and all but I’m curious to see what/if anything y’all have to say.

Also, if Metblogs management is reading/watching/reacting to this, please don’t take offense.  I’m just of the opinion that my city needs some different ideas on where this blog may or may not go.  Besides, I’m not the captain.  That’s John Wilker and he’s right over there…*runs away hands flailing like a school girl*

With apologies to all school girls.

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  1. simmons on December 15th, 2008 @ 4:56 am

    Greetings, I’m the token reader. At least, when I was kicking it in Portland last year, that’s how I would introduce myself at the Metblog meetups there, since I was usually the only one who showed up who wasn’t an author. (Any thought of ever doing Metblog meetups here?)

    I think a blog-formatted web site like this has to differentiate itself by communicating on a more personal level than the Westwords of the world. In general, the posts here do succeed at pulling this off. For example, posting about stumbling across the Christkindl market while hanging out on 16th Street has much more of a personal touch than a stuffy article in the newspaper.

    Back in Portland, there was a large amount of crossover between the people doing Metblogs (who have since moved on to start their own quite nice site, ), and the people who would show up at Ignite, Bar Camp, and the many other geeky events around town. While reading the posts and comments on Metblogs, it was easy to put a face to a name since everybody knew each other. I do think there’s a little more of a disconnect here since I don’t personally know any of you.

    Okay, I should really sleep now…

  2. Blahstuff Jake (jakesutton) on December 15th, 2008 @ 7:08 am

    Fewer posts like this would be good for a start. Blogger navel gazing is a sure way to get me to hit "unsubscribe".

    That said, it’s supposed to be a blog about Denver, right? How about you talk about Denver, then?
    What’s important in Denver? Sports, food, music, local events, making fun of Boulder, yadda yadda… All that stuff is fair game.

    Basically, I think you need people who get out of the house fairly regularly and are then willing to write about it. Both parts are kind of key.

  3. Aaron DeLay (den_aaron) on December 15th, 2008 @ 11:13 am

    simmons, thanks for the comment. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that here we don’t seem to get many commenters/community members that are actively involved in the blog. We write and seem to involve no one.

    A meetup is something myself and John actually talked about a few months back as something to kind of give a little kick.

  4. Aaron DeLay (den_aaron) on December 15th, 2008 @ 11:20 am


    I sure appreciate your biting honesty in comments. Perhaps my post is out of bounds *shrugs* and maybe it wasn’t the time nor the place. We’ll see how this all pans out.

    I figure you bounced in from twitter, which is pretty cool actually. Social media is full of win.

    Have you been reading us over the last year or six months?

    Part of our struggle has been finding those people who get out the house on a regular basis. I was one of those until my job put me on a nasty shift.

    Admittedly I think we’ve had some great ones and then they faded away. Some are still around (abisset and Nicole are two) but we’re missing that key piece.

    Thanks for the comments boss!

  5. Gary (denperch) on December 28th, 2008 @ 10:42 am

    Content is king. Of course. Good content will keep people coming back who stumble upon this blog. What content? It needs to show your personalities and your neighborhoods. I think you’re doing that. A few more bloggers wouldn’t be bad. Study blogs that you really enjoy. What are they providing? How are they providing it?

    Marketing’s gotta be queen or at least the grand vizier. You gotta let people know you exist. How? I think Simmons is right. You gotta get out there and mingle. Throw a Yelp party (can you yelp about blogs?), join other community groups, start your own community groups.

    Can you add a statcounter to your corner of metblogs? You might not be getting many comments, but perhaps you’re still getting quite a few visitors.

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