Obama Rally in Civic Center Park today

I headed out into the early (9am) morning winds to the 16th st mall, hopped on the mall ride to the end, walked about a mile and a half to the end of a line that turned out to go nowhere, and finally landed in a pretty good spot in the park, where I saw an Obama shaped spec in the distance.

Rumor has it, we had about 100,000 people turn out. I believe it. The entire park was jammed with people, as well as the lawn of the capital. I was shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Colorado Dems, and it was pretty damn cool!

Obama rally snippet

I took a bunch of pics (which are stuck on my iPhone until my main laptop is back from the shop, short of emailing each one to myself), and 16 clips of video. This is one of them. I woulda done his whole speech, but my arm wouldn’t have made it.

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  1. James N. Weber (jamesnw) on October 27th, 2008 @ 12:12 pm

    I was there as well- didn’t get in. I was half way back to the capitol- saw Obama once or twice, about the size of the head of a pin. As I suspected, he didn’t really say anything new, but I think the purpose was more to energize the crowd than to make a point. It was quite a calm crowd, it seemed.

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