Celebrate Order-Out-of-Chaos Month!

Spinning In Front of the CourthouseSometime in October is “Spinning and Weaving Week,” but I’m not clear on which week it is, because, according to my favorite Boulder-area crafty shop, “We think Spinning and Weaving Week is so important that we are expanding it to Spinning and Weaving Month.” So, hooray! The entirety of October is dedicated to taking fluff and turning it into useful things!

Today on the Pearl Street Mall a demonstration of this was held. Regulars at Shuttles were encouraged to bring their spinning wheels, drop spindles, and looms, and create both yarn and cloth right there, in front of God and everybody. And it was quite the hit! As you know (Bob), Sunday afternoons on the Mall are popular among families with small children. And gadgets that Do Neat Stuff are popular with children, thus:

Kids Fascinated By Loom

Most of my friends are either fiber addicts themselves or are familiar with the processes of spinning, weaving, and knitting. So I tend to forget that, to most people in modern US urban society, the act of making yarn without benefit of industrial machinery is magic. (See also butter, the making of.) It has been posited that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic; I’d suggest that a sufficiently neglected technology is, too. So if you go stand out in front of the court house with a hunk of fiber in one hand and a drop spindle hanging off the other, patiently twisting that fiber into yarn, you’re going to get people watching, staring, and asking questions. Which is cool, because that means more people come away knowing about hand-spinning.

Spinning with Mixed FiberIf you’re interested, and you’re anywhere near Boulder, you should totally take a class at Shuttles Spindles Skeins. If you want to teach yourself spinning from a book, Shuttles’ own Maggie Casey has written the excellent Start Spinning. You can also take a tour of the Schacht factory and see how they make spinning wheels, drop spindles, and looms (and, oddly enough, bicycle accessories).

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