Some Fun for a Munday

I know.  It’s Monday again.  And Mondays are teh suck.  Nobody likes ’em.  Everybody hates ’em.  Why they can’t just go and eat worms is beyond me.

However, I do have a solution.  Two videos, seperate authors.  One in which a motercycle at the 2008 Pikes Peak Hillclimb back in June or July I think.  It’s pretty sick.  You should know our man is alive and well.  As for racing, well he’s thinking about it.

The second video was from NDK 2008 this weekend (website here for you anime fans) where a troupe of actors/dancers/cosplayers rickrolled the entire audience.  Literally.  Pretty cool nerd stuff to watch, but make sure to stay ’till about 3/4 to watch and hear the full on power of Rick Rolling in effect.



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  1. adelinesrhyme on September 15th, 2008 @ 6:08 pm

    Oh my god, linkage for the win! Thanks!
    Haha, I guess you wouldn’t catch it from the footage of the skit, but we were all shaking like crazy.

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