More on DDPTransport

I gotta say, after posting my little twitter-bit, I got to thinking, someone at the DDP is no dummy.

They didn’t set up an SMS system complete with ‘Charges will be incurred’ warnings.

They didn’t set up a email list, well they might have, I’m not sure.

They didn’t do nothing.

They set up a twitter account. How 2008 of them. How insanely useful of them.

I certainly hope they make use of it, and I may even have this one sent to my phone (yes, I know I’ll be charged per message fees by my carrier).

Good on ya DDP, for being progressive and ‘with it’ enough to see value in new platforms!

Now don’t let me down, update this thing often. I’ll be seriously angry and may have to take it out on a… i dunno, whatever physical representation I can find of the DDP, if you leave this twitter account with exactly two tweets in it.

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