I has a sorry…& why I love Denver

Good lord!  The Dark Knight Midnight showing was more than several weeks ago and I still haven’t had a chance to write it up.  Epic Fepic Fail is what the cool kids on the block call it.  I call it…well, just sad times.  I’ve got a vlog entry in the wings that will cover 16th Street Mall in all it uniqueness.  I just need a moment to sit and edit.  So, you have that to look forward to, if that helps.  :)

The beauty of my city is in the people that occupy our sprawling metropolis.  I don’t think I realized it until that night at the midnight showing.  There are some amazing stories out there in the clothed (I try to keep it family oriented) city.  When I did the interview for the Indiana Jones Midnight showing I found two fantastic stories in the crowd.  One was the guy from Detroit who had found hope many years ago at the first movie about the archaeological hero in the dark dank corners of a Motor City emergency room.  Here he was with his family trying pass along the message and story he had gained.

Whether or not his teenage kids would understand how deep that movie was in his heart was a question I didn’t bother to ask.  The point was he was trying.  Beyond the approximately ten minutes I spent with him I can imagine what kind of a father this guy might be and what his life has been like since that life changing moment at a midnight showing in Detroit.

“I’ve got a story for you”, he had said spotting me off to the side of the line.  And he did.  Same with the homeless guy who first asked me if I was from Westword.  I humbly said, “Riiiight!”, but did give him a listen.  His story was different.  Back in the day when life had been different he too had seen the original movie at midnight.  All the money that he had picked up panhandling was going towards the ticket that night.

Within this city there are stories and people that would shock and awe you.  Each person walking the streets of The Mile High City has a story.  Every corner holds a moment or two where if you stop and watch…a million tales of hope and love can turn into a tapestry.  I know I’m waxing a bit over-poetic, but I this is why I love my city.

The same can be said for “The Boss Girls” from the Indiana Jones screening.  I ran straight into them at the showing of Dark Knight.  Theirs was a story all it’s own.  Robyn, Caitlyn and Kate all held court in line.  Robyn was dressed as the Joker (you’ll see her in the vlog posted here) and Caitlyn was a amalgam of Huntress and Bat Girl.

They proved to be an entertaining interview (of which I’ll post later tonight) and I was even proud to watch them find themselves onto Channel 2 news being interviewed by quite possibly the most bored field anchor evah’.  Their story is unique as their friend Kate is from the original Gotham City, Chicago town.  It had been three days since arriving in Denver.  They had met on Deviant Art and become fast friends through a various roller coaster of events I can’t even try to transcribe from my scattered notes.

She had the chance to watch the filming of Dark Knight in Chi-town (lucky little duck!) and was witness to the crashing of the Batmobile in the streets.  She’s in Denver for school and really excited.  When I ask her for her opinion so far from Denver she answers after thinking for a moment, “The people are a lot nicer in Denver…it’s got mountains and people from the internet.”  She looks to Robyn and Caitlyn and they burst into laughter.

If nothing else, we beat out Chicago in niceness.

I met more than just them in the line (again, complete late writeup coming tonight) but I think I made my wandering point.  Part of what makes Denver “awesome” is not just the buildings and the streets.  It’s the people that call this city (and state) home.  I’m looking forward to finding out more about them.

A note…I’ll be stepping up my writing as there’s been the news that a automatic system will prune authors not writing the required posts.  So, the good news is you’ll have more of me!  Which means more vlogging, food talk and entertaining posts where I try and make some substance look all pretty.  :)

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