Rainy Denver!

OMG! (apologies for using that, but I felt it was justified) We can haz monsoon rain!?

Denver got drenched today.  Starting in the early evening hours the heavens opened up and the water fell from the sky.  And not just a “Hi and bye” kind of rain.  This was a good soaking that must have felt good to the parched soil.  I know I was just smiling all night as the rain came tumbling down (yes, I’m only happy when it rains) because it felt like it should have back in the months past.  For some reason our spring has been tame and without the usual thunderboomers and pouring rain that makes for fun afternoons on the porch.

It’s a great thing for Denver.  9news reports we may be in for more thunderstorms tomorrow.  I know there was some flash flooding and funnel clouds going on so the usual, “Y’all be safe ya hear?” is best adhered to.

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