Finally made it to Wash Park

So first things first, yes I’ve been here two years and some change, and yes last night was my first time to Wash Park. In my defense, from Highlands Ranch it’s a drive and I was never motivated. Now that it’s 5 miles from my house, less a problem. Though parking is a problem, as in there’s virtually none.

Our friends invited us to hang out in the Gaylord st shopping area, so since it was the last night before a long weekend, and work was done, we were game.

We stated at the Wash Park grille which has some very cool atmosphere. The food, meh. They recently (we were told) switched up the menu and so things like calamari were in the Tapas menu, ‘Tapas’ is spanish for pay a lot, eat a little, and the appetizers that remained were uninspired and not tasty sounding. So we got a pizzeta which was good and not too expensive, not at all filling.

Thursdays are lady’s night so my wife and our friend enjoyed inexpensive wine and martini’s and I drank over priced heinekens. Our waitress was nice, though she forgot our calamari order, and a drink for our friend, and had to be reminded. The upside, she took both things off the tab, so that was a good gesture and redeemed a lot for us.

I’d definitely go back to the Wash Park Grille, for drinks, but I’d eat first or have dinner plans for after.

We decided to abandon the Grille, and move across the street to Reivers. the chips and salsa are pretty good, and our friend Doug said the burger was incredible, so that’s something. The wait staff was certainly more attentive, which was nice. and we were able to sit on their back patio/courtyard so it was very comfy out.

I’d probably hit up Reivers before Wash Park Grille, the next time I’m in Wash Park. I’ll also probably ride my bike if I can and avoid having to hunt for parking, that’s sorta whack.

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