Protesting at the DNC

This is an excerpt of the information being distributed to employees all around the Downtown area about the DNC.

“There are five main web sites coordinating locations for several protest groups:

Some peripheral groups will include both Pro and Anti-abortion groups, Anti-war groups,
All Nations Alliance, Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Front and the
Anarchist Movement.”

While I’m hoping no one gets hurt or no property is destroyed, I love the idea that major protests will happen in our Mile High City. I was 3 years old and living in Chicago during the 1968 DNC. I can’t believe 40 years have passed and now I live near the city where a DNC will be held, and one group, Re-create 68, is drawing on the past to protest for the future.

I can’t help but wonder how large the turnout of protesters. The city is calling for a combined total of 30,000 protesters and other visitors. This number seems low. Again, is the City of Denver anticipating protester turnout based on more recent conventions of the past ten or so years? It seems to me that issues like the environment, gas prices, war, the economy, etc are more heated this time around. But I guess all we can do is wait and see.


In case you missed this article, here’s a link to more info on protesting: Arapahoe County mulls protest rules.

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