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Look, I know there’s no frackin’ (BSG FTW!) chance in God’s (or Hades for that matter) Green Earth of me ever getting a paid gig to write, but I figure if I keep linking to Westword either they’ll think I’m an eccentric loon and hire me out of requirement or find me somewhat entertaining and use me as a guinea pig and throw me into the writer role.

Yes, I know.  Oddly constructed plan, check.  But it made sense in my head when I built the mashed potato shrine of the Denver Skyline.  So…back off or something!  *cackles with eccentricity*

All kidding and pleading aside, Westword has hit the nail on the proverbial head with this article a few weeks back.

Let me ‘splain.  No, there is too much.  With apologies to Inigo Montoya, let me sum up.  Denver Radio sucks.  There are words that my Christian heart cannot speak (but it sure can think them!) that would explain my extreme dislike against the current state of Denver Radio.  I won’t quote the article from Westword (my new overloads might never hire me lest I offend them!) because I’d rather rant and rave on unassisted.

On March 1, 2006 I left Denver for Manila.  When I left, I was in love with Denver Radio.  I lurved it.  It was like that late night stand outside the window and throw pebbles at the window kind of love.  I was twitterpaited.  Why?  I had my choice.  I could go bounce to the hip hop (95.7) and then hit a button and find myself crooning along with Aerosmith (99.5) andpromptly find me some do-wop in seconds (105.1).  If I wanted to go back just a little to the 90’s (100.3) I could.  If my cowboy boots started stomping I could line dance over to some down home music (98.5).  There was a great selection!  And it was segmented perfectly.

And then something went terribly wrong.  I came back last year and found everything mostly in order.  I even picked up on new country (92.5 baby!) and found myself entertained with the afternoon show.  Now I turn on my radio and find up is down, down is up and my once pristine Denver radio has been soiled by whatever came in and threw out the kitchen sink!

105.1 is now lukewarm.  The Boogeyman is still around which is little solace to me hearing blasphemous hits fom just ten years ago on a once stalwart oldies station.  The Hip Hop station is asunder.  Classic Rock is on like three different stations now and the one station who could do no wrong has been doing wrong, according to Westword.  The Mountain is now in turmoil.  They moved Tracy and Jonathan from 92.5 afternoons (I think, I haven’t heard them on there in months) to 105.1 mornings.  Everything is so lukewarm I struggled today to find a song and or station that didn’t just make me want to vomit out the window.

What happened to the radio?  I know things are a changin’ along with the times but it seems like the moves are totally backwards.  The only station that gives me any solace is KUVO 89.3FM because they haven’t changed.  And I swear to all that is Holy and Sacred if I start hearing Kanye West on my KUVO…there will be banging of heads on desks.  Oh yes, there will be.

There, got that out.  What do my fellow 5280’s think?  Are you as annoyed as I am?

Also, VLOG is coming.  Got sick last week and trying to work through what it will look like.  I’ll have something for Monday  if the stars align.

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  1. valerie on April 5th, 2008 @ 11:42 am

    I’m still trying to recover from when the TV channels all changed networks: Channel 9 used to be ABC, Channel 4 was NBC, Channel 7 was CBS. Nothing has been the same since.

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