Boulder Housing Issues

Tonight the planning board is going to discuss the possibility of implementing a temporary restriction on Floor Area Ratios for houses in Boulder. Normally, I’m not that interested in dictating how people build but this one is close to home, so to speak. For years we lived next to an empty lot so when we found out we were getting neighbors, I was fine with the idea that we would lose either the front or back line of sight. Imagine our surprise we saw the foundation that practically filled the lot, front to back. It’s huge. Like Donald Trump putting something up in Rivendell (ok, maybe an exaggeration). The realtors and developers definitely have their panties wadded up over this one.

Other news: The Dick McLean and Edie Stevens land grab case is going back to court for the judge to check new evidence that they possibly created a path (to prove their use of the property) after they made legal claim to the Kirlin property. Even if the judge allows Dick and Edie to keep the land, I’m hoping that the Kirlins will get a refund of all those years of property tax payments they made. Yes, paying your property taxes does not mean that a neighbor can’t claim your land in court.

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