Local Artisan Appreciation: Burning Tree Creations

Dear Burning Tree Creations,

Thank you ever so much for coming up with the lovely products I received as a Yuletide gift this Winter Solstice. Both my husband and I very much appreciate body care products, as you know, and yours are of unstinting quality, an unalloyed pleasure to use.

Take the Sandalwood Body Butter, for instance. It smells heavenly, but not so strong as to make one feel one ought to wash it off again before touching food or electronics. The little shavings of actual sandalwood garnishing a brand-new tub of the stuff is a nice touch, too.

Body butter is sort of an advanced skills use product, especially when one is used to water-based lotions, but I think we’ve got the hang of it. A little goes a long way, and it takes a little longer to really rub it in; after that my hands are Very Happy all day. We’ve both found it especially nice after a couple hours at the climbing gym. A pea-sized lump smeared directly across the callous-prone areas makes my hands a lot more ready for another go in the near future. (By the way? Starting a business that specializes in body butters in a place teeming with Serious Climbers? That was way smart. John and I, we’re not what you’d call Serious Climbers ourselves, not now anyway, I mean we adore monkeying around in the gym but we’re not exactly sure about this outside-on-the-Flatirons stuff, so we figure that if we think your body butter is a total life-saver, the Serious Climbers are gonna love it even more.)

I’ve also been enjoying the Lavender Dreams bath salts. I understand they’re sort of in beta testing at the moment? I certainly don’t mind being a guinea pig where long hot soaks in the bath tub are concerned. Yum. In the past, I’ve sometimes gone the DIY route of a jar full of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils all shaken together; effective enough, I suppose, but not what you would call elegant. By contrast, the soft, fine texture you’ve got going here by mixing together those with Dead Sea salt is really nice. It dissolves easily in the water. And, unlike other store-bought or DIY stuff I’ve used before, I find I don’t need to use up half the jar to get an effect. The lavender scent just keeps going – not overpowering, but constantly present even as the water cools. And the way it makes my skin feel afterwards is just divine. I’m looking forward to seeing this stuff officially added to your online catalog.

Anyway, kudos on some really excellent body-and-bath products. I’d say “don’t change a thing,” but knowing your constant quest for perfection, that might be presumptuous of me. How about, “You are obviously bound for greatness if this is just your first couple of steps”? Yeah, that works.



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  1. Bryan (unregistered) on January 14th, 2008 @ 10:02 am

    I’m pretty much a DIY guy myself, but on the safe side though. I usually ’til someone tries it first and then I go and do it. I’m pretty much contented with making my own bath salts, they are not as elegant compared to those that come from those expensive stores. There are a lot of recipes on the net and I’m pretty much still stuck with making my own bath salts.

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