Every so often I try and get out and enjoy the food the Denver Area has to offer. I also realize you have to sometimes go outside the this Mile High bubble I live in to find something unique and wonderful. I did so this last Sunday. I had the chance to go with an old church friend and her family to sample the food at Thai Kitchen in Longmont.

First of all having adventured into the Philippines for a year and a half I’ve lost the usual, “What is that? Eeek!” reaction that most people seem to have when it comes to food outside their hemisphere. I’ve learned that sometimes you don’t ask what it is and simply dive into the food laid out before you. Nine point nine times out of ten it’s going to be a great experience.

The Thai Kitchen is a “hole in the wall” in the full sense of the word. Up the street from Historic Downtown Longmont, the restaurant is in strip mall that gives you pause, wondering if it’s going to be one of those places with no personality and a server who yells at all the employees all the time.

So not the case. The interior is a oasis of light and organization. The tables are tight but you never feel too close to those around you. The wait staff was so amazing on our visit in the midst of what appeared to be a rush hour (around 7-8pm) that we did leave a good tip for the excellent service. I crushed on our server. She was cute as a pie and more. It helped that the place was spotless clean and felt very warm from the colors, lighting and the way the staff handled us as we walked in the door.

The food had it’s own beauty. I don’t take pictures of my food much and this picture doesn’t do justice (my cell phone is meh) because I just kept looking at it and spinning the plate around wondering if I should destroy such majesty with my fork.


I ordered the sweat and sour chicken and it was a fascinating study in how the Thai create the dish versus what I’m used to in Chinese restaurants. The flavor was full, bold and succulent as it teased my taste buds. I finished my plate and found myself content. As beautiful as it looked it tasted like heaven in every way. All of those that were at the table could not get over how wonderful it was. Some of these folks had expressed concern about going to a Thai Food place and in a matter of an hour their opinion was changed by superior wait staff service and superb food.

Check ’em out if you’re ever wandering up in the Longmont, Estes, Berthoud area and see what you think. Good food for a pretty solid price.

And could you get the cute waitress’s phone number for me? That’d be super.

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