I’ve been writing this post in my head over and over again. Like a never ending roller coaster the words keep somersaulting through the brain. So how about ‘dem Broncos?

Does anyone else agree that these guys should be 5-0? With all these last minute saves and lucky field goals situations your Denver Broncos have been sliding across the Astroturf by the skin of their buck teeth. Seriously. Every game I’ve watched it’s come down to the Football Gods having turned their attention elsewhere and our team managing to get something from nothing.

Mind you, I’m not throwing the Broncos under the bus because Your Colorado Rockies (NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPS BABY!) managed to move some heavy mountains of their own and win at a game that nobody thought they could even play five years ago. Not at all.

I’m merely curious when Mike Shanahan will be giving the boot (I love the guy as much as anybody) and the Broncos front office will realize a that the once pristine snow globe needs a severe shaking.

I think if we shut down the NFL season and just kept playing baseball up to the Superbowl we’d be in a much better place.

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