Game 4 Open Thread

It’s 10:15pm here in The Mile High City and your Colorado Rockies lead 6 to 1. Here’s a thread if you want to talk about the game as it happens. I’ll do my best to check back and update as the game goes on.

Updated 10:17pm
I was concerned until they hit the express lane at the end of the fourth. Then it broke open. I can’t imagine what it was like at Coors Field. We’re at the top of the fifth with four more innings to go. GO ROCKIES!

Updated 10:20pm
The Rockies defense is amazing. This game has been the jumping, sliding and leaning extravaganza. These guys know how to play this game and it’s so much fun to watch.

Updated 10:22pm
Striking ’em out! And the guy he struck out was the guy who was running his mouth this weekend saying stuff that he later back peddled on. Remember this all you teams out there. Don’t mess with the Rockies. We remember.

Updated 10:28pm
Conversation with my fellow Denver MetroBlogger Christian:

[22:25] thetibdenver: How the hecka re ya!
[22:25] thetibdenver: How about ;’dem Rockies
[22:25] thetibdenver: :)
[22:25] Christian: yeah, i don’t wanna talk about that
[22:25] Christian: :P
[22:25] thetibdenver: Hahahah
[22:25] thetibdenver: I was gonna say
[22:25] thetibdenver: :)
[22:26] Christian: :P
[22:26] thetibdenver: Hahah
[22:26] thetibdenver: I;ve been kicking up the post totals. I dunno what I;ll write about after the World Series
[22:26] thetibdenver: :)
[22:27] Christian: i know
[22:27] Christian: no offense but i stopped reading your posts
[22:27] Christian: they were depressing me
[22:27] thetibdenver: Heh
[22:27] Christian: i’m not even watching the game tonight … out of superstition
[22:27] thetibdenver: Hahah
[22:27] Christian: from what i hear, it’s not working
[22:27] thetibdenver: Yea
[22:27] thetibdenver: 6 runs at the bottom of the fourth
[22:28] Christian: well … here’s to the start of an incredible rivalry

Updated 10:33pm
The crowd out of Coors is amazing. I’m listening to the radio on 850 KOA and watching it on TBS. They be LOUD! Awesome.

Updated 10:36pm
I think I poked Christian a little too much. He called me a bad name. I’m telling my Mom! Kidding aside, we’re shutting ’em down now. DO. YOU. BELIEVE?

Updated 10:42pm
What the heck is up with the home plate ump? Is he having a seizure when he calls the third strike? Or are we starting to show boat? Seriously. Play ball. Don’t try and be Kevin Costner.

Updated 10:45pm
Three more innings. THREE. MORE.

Updated 10:53pm
Six outs to go. I’m on the edge of my seat. This. Could. Be. It.

Updated 11:11pm
This is getting intense. Two guys on base for the D-Backs, but we’re at two outs. Steady men, steady!

Updated 11:13pm
Uhhh…Houston? Get me the president! They’re being sneaky! 6-4 now with a home run.

Updated 11:16pm
Rockies. Hold. The. Line.

Updated 11:22pm
We are three strikes away. THREE.

Updated 11:31pm
These “Viva Viagra” ad’s are making Baby Jesus cry. Seriously. Elvis is gonna come outta that grave and body check their marketing department.

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