The Miracle Mile

Can your Colorado Rockies go all the way? Is there a chance they’ll take it to the top? With the win today they move past the ghosts of yesteryear when they lost the first game and second. There is a real chance our Rockies could go somewhere. They’ve shown they can play and they’ve shown they can last.

The only question is can our nerves take all these close calls? I find myself returning to when I was a kid and loved listening and watching baseball. There’s something about it that trumps football, basketball and all others. There’s something inherent about a boy and his baseball team. I’ve never been a hardcore fan of The Rockies but I’ve always admired them for their can do attitude. Never say die and never surrender.

There is no other team in the nation that I’d like to see make it all the way. It may be a Cinderella story and we may be living on a prayer but for once this city and her team are being noticed.

As a side note, if the TBS announcers display the absolute inability to respect my team ever again I’m calling Ted Turner.

The Dream Lives. THE DREAM LIVES! As 850 KOA said this morning, “Welcome to Rocktober!”.


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  1. Jason Ackerman (unregistered) on October 3rd, 2007 @ 5:27 pm

    They’re definitely making it exciting. This is a good team. If anyone is interested, a blogger friend of mine wrote up a great piece capturing what it was like to be at the game Monday night – at

    To answer your question, yes, I do think they can take it all the way. Any of the 8 teams remaining can– it’s not a question of ability. It’s about who will last. Who will slip up first. Who gets the luck of the right bounce the right way.

    This team is good. I think the Phillies is the best possible draw for the first round. I have no doubt they can beat the Phillies. Round 2, Cubs or D-backs, will be much harder. They’ve proven they can play with the D-backs, and they struggled with the Cubs, but they didn’t dominate in either case. It will be a struggle.

    At the risk of thinking ahead, if they make it to the big dance, I like their chances. Yeah, they’ll likely be running into the juggernaut that is either the Yanks/Sox/Angels… but I think they can hang with them. To me, the question is how long will this riding high and playing at the top of their potential last. They could poop out fast. Here’s hoping they don’t poop out until sometime in December…

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