Ready, Set, Go!

Sundays are Go days! Every Sunday at the Boulder Public Library Main Branch, the Go Club For Children and Teens meets in the meetin’ room from 2 to 5 PM. And my husband and I, who neither of us are kinds nor teens, will sometimes go. And play Go. Ha. Pun.

Anyway, they don’t mind adults coming so long as the adults don’t mind playing against, and often being beaten by, the kids. We get to play people of all ages and skills, which is nice, because usually we just end up playing each other.

That’s what we were doing when this picture was taking. We were at Antica Roma, having dinner after Go club on Sunday the 5th, playing more Go (natch). In this game, I played black. I always play black, unless the Go Club leader pairs me up with someone even newer to the game than I am. John has to give me seven stones. I suck.

But in this game, black won by 60, pretty much because that group of black stones reaching up to the left corner didn’t die. Says my husband, “That is the coolest seki I have ever seen.”

Seki! Sugoi!


Anyway. Boulder Public Library, 2 to 5 PM, Sundays. Also, I there’s an adult group that meets at the UMC on Wednesdays. We just haven’t been yet because Wednesdays are busy, is all.

PS. Why did they name the classic video game console of the ’80s after the state of a Go stone (or group of stones) being one move from captured? My Google-fu is suddenly quite weak.

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  1. Aaron DeLay (unregistered) on August 11th, 2007 @ 6:52 pm

    Looks like some kind of advanced game of checkers on crack…:)

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