Riding Mile High

Denver is hot. Not just hot. Steamin’. Like it’s gettin’ hot in here…actually, never mind.

The last few weeks in the city have been hot and toasty which compared to the Mordor-esque winter has been a dream. We’ve nearly hit 100 and for the most part have hovered around 80 degrees. A side effect has been the ability for me to ride my bike to work each and every day from Aurora to Highlands Ranch. It’s funny the people you meet in your travels and the entertainment people watching can bring to a otherwise boring light rail ride.

You have your sleepers. You have your ‘don’t bother me or I’ll scratch your eyes out” and the ones who just can’t stop their mouth from flapping. I’ve formed a mild relationship with a fellow rider. We’ve run into each other at least once or twice. He’s 53 and can ride 15 miles a day like a speedy road runner. I’m 25 and 14 miles makes me sound like Elmer Fudd. It’s amazing to watch Denver get on board with the light rail and really start to push it. Other cities are years ahead of us (Portland for example has a light rail to the airport and racks in the cars to hang your bikes) but I feel like Denver is trying.

It also helps to meet random people and just talk it up. It’s fun to talk about the Rockies and how they can only sweep New York (I blame Canada) and nobody else. The Nuggets and how someday they might win something resembling a championship. And how much we really do love our city. Where else can do you so much within such a short distance? At 5,280 feet we have it all.

Fun eccentric locals, amazing skiing and sunshine. So much to talk about I’ll save it for another post.

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  1. John Wilker (unregistered) on July 8th, 2007 @ 12:16 pm

    Love the light rail. My wife and I take it from ‘The Ranch’ to Denver for work, it’s great, and yeah, the people watching is awesome.

    Portland and MAX do r0ck the airport, and Seattle is following suit (done in ’09). Light rail to DIA would be the bee knees.

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