Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo

Worth it! My wife and I saw Corteo last night, and wow! I’ve seen one other Cirque show (KA, in Vegas), and while the music and story weren’t as good as KA the over all performance was incredible.
I think the story opens on a guy’s funeral, and we follow him as he moves around heavan, maybe. Or it’s a crazy french acid trip. But either way the gymnastics are breath-taking.

If you’ve got the scratch to spare, splurge for the $200 tickets (Tapis Rouge), it’s worth it. You get a private (you and maybe 150 other folks) tent with appetizers, and drinks, your own private souvenir shop, and private bathrooms. Well really the bathrooms are the same porta-johns everyone else has, but there’s a set behind the fence in the VIP section, just for you.

During intermission, you head back to the tent for more drinks and desserts, after the show you go back out through the tent and receive your gift, a “best of” CD of past Cirque shows. You also get a program when you arrive. One for each person. So all in all you get about 30 bones worth of stuff for free (well, free for $200), plus all the appetizers you can eat and all the drinks you can take. You also get VIP parking, use it. We didn’t since we stayed in Denver overnight and walked from the Hyatt. The Tent is WAY back behind Pepsi Center, so it ain’t a short hike.

The performance itself, as I said, was great, really great. Some of the acts of gymnastic insanity are stunning. I’m trying to use as many ‘powerful’ words as I can, in case you’ve noticed, because this show is not to be missed. We’d do it again in a heartbeat. We’re pretty big Cirque fans, my wife maybe more so than me, she’s certainly seen more shows, but this show is definitely up there in the highly recommend category.

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