Gotta love camping season

My wife is a potter, and we’re always looking for more and more places to display and sell her wares. Enter the Made in Colorado store.

Made In Colorado, has been around for years selling goods made by local artists and vendors. If for no other reason, Made In Colorado might almost be worth the 5 hour drive to Pagosa Springs (where the store is located). We had some incredibly yummy “whoppers” and I tried ‘elk jerky’ (Beef added).

We figured we’d make a weekend of the trip rather than drive 5 hours down and 5 back, no fun there. Enter, camping, car camping, but still. We packed up the car with our gear (did I mention this was our first camping trip since getting married? No? Oh, it was) and headed south. As a side note, this was the car’s first long haul trip, loaded with two rubbermaid 20 gallon containers of camping gear (cooking stuff, pillows, etc), another 20 gallon of packed pottery, plus another 10 gallon of packed pottery.

We got to the store and unpacked her wares, letting the owner pick what she’d like to display and sell, she kept about half of what we brought. After re-packing the rest of the pottery we headed downtown for lunch. Lunch was mexican at a place that was across the river from the hot springs. My wife wanted to take a trip to the hot springs, but the idea of sitting in a huge human stew pot, really didn’t set well with me, so we opted to camp. I’m glad we did.

After lunch it was off to the campground. We asked the gal at the Made In Colorado Store, as well as the nice guy at the Visitor Center, both said the Williams Creek Reservoir campground, 30 miles outside town was THE place to go. We agreed.

There were five or so different camp sites to choose from, we chose Cimerrona, only Teal was actually “Full”. We were right up against a creek, which made for nice sleep time sounds, very tranquil. Aside of not bringing enough firewood, we did pretty darn well on our first time out, no major mishaps.
We did compile a list of things we wished we had had or brought with us; a small hatched, a small saw, s’more making sticks (ka-bob spikes, just aren’t long enough), and such.

As with all travel, the drive home was the pits. We took an alternate route, seeing if the timing was any different (Nac-Com said it wasn’t, it was right), or the scenery or amount of civilation any different. Heading south we took the 470 -> 160 route, which was beautiful. Heading home we took the 160 -> 25 route, which was meh. We saw Peublo, which was ok, and had more opportunities to stop in more or less civilized areas, including a particularly “interesting” part of Colo Springs, where we found a Dunkin Donuts, which my wife absolutely loves.

All in all, this was a good memorial day weekend, and hopefully the first of many camping trips this summer.

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  1. Fizzy (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 6:44 am

    Pagosa Springs is the half way point for my mother and I so that we could meet and she take the kids for the summer. We are there 2 times every summer for the past 7 years. The Mexican restaurant changes hands every year or so – it’s been a hamburger restaurant at one time. Take the 160 > I-70 route or via Durango / Silverton sometime, it’s longer, but more mountain exposure, which is breath taking.

  2. John Wilker (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 8:29 am


    Ah, good to know. We’ll try that route next time. We liked the 470 ->160 route better of the two, this time.

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