Google makes living in HOA-ville a little more bearable.

I live in Highlands Ranch. We knew (mostly) what we were getting ourselves into. I hate cars on Cinder blocks as much as the next DINK or Yuppy, and nothing is worse than the lime green house in the sea of earth tones :)

Some things are a bit more grating, like the “no trashcans on the street until 6:30a the day of trash pickup, the shovel your sidewalk with in x hours of a snow, the we’ll let you know when it’s time to paint your house, and what pallet you can use.” gets a little old.

Most things you just gotta live with I suppose, or move to LIttleton. The latest adventure is in our plans to have a walkway put in from our driveway, around the house, through the gate (regulation issue of course) and down the side of the house. Easy as that? No.

The HRCA has plenty of rules and requirements. Namely. The following must be submitted to and approved in advance, with supporting diagrams, by the ‘committee’, whom I imagine are in black robes, with small shaven headed unichs in service to them, bring patio and walkway diagrams in for ‘the vote’, all the while, the music from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom is playing in the background.
depth of concrete
width of concrete (must be 24″ from property line)

Enter google, and Sketchup. I went out and measured the appropriate places and came back to my desk and had my diagram all set to send to the committee for approval.
I wish I had known about this handy little app (free I might add) when we were finishing our basement, and putting in our deck. Now I gotta come up with some things to add to the house so I can use Sketch up more.

And if you’re curious… here’s our plan.

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  1. George Morris (unregistered) on April 20th, 2007 @ 2:31 pm

    Yep, I have the same problem in Longmont. However I’ve used Google to research ways to remove the HOA.

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