Friday Night Funk! Aw yeah!

Da Funky Meters make da feet hurt. But dey hurt so good.

They played the Fox theater on Friday, March 9, just in time to celebrate the Fox’s 15th anniversary. They were originally just scheduled for the 8th, but apparently they’re pretty popular up here. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but it’s the case that while nobody in Boulder can tell you exactly what “Hey Pocky Way” means, they damn well know to ask for it by name.

So, the Fox turned 15. Whoo the Fox. Me, maybe I’m just turning old, ’cause everytime I go there it feels like an increasingly unfriendly venue. Somewhere between the bookbag prohibition, the bartender’s response to my asking for a glass of water (i.e. plunked an Evian down, said “Two dollars please,” and spun off to some other task before I could say a word), and the woman who apparently decided that the occasion of her birthday somehow gave her the right to shove me around (“I’m gonna move this short bitch out my way,” I think her words were)… between all that, I sorta got the impression that I wasn’t exactly welcome.

But then the Meters did their thang and everything was all “OMG da fonk is-a fonkin’, an’ my feet, dey won’t quit!” Talk aboutcher fi-yo on da bayo’, yeah-you-right. Nothing like a good groove to make you forget which venue you wound up in for the night. Or city, for that matter.

And I’m not exactly swearing off the Fox just yet. ‘Cause PBS is playing there on Wednesday the 14th. What’s PBS, you ask? Why that would be Porter-Batiste-Stoltz, of course. George Porter Jr., Russell Batiste Jr, and Brian Stoltz. They’re touring Colorado sort of in tandem with the Meters, from which Brian Stoltz is parting company, and if you missed the shows last week they will assuredly administer your recommended dose of funk.

And I am here to tell you that the funk don’t stop until the short bitch drops. Yeah You Right.

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