Finally, the starbucks umbilical is cut

Come tomorrow, I’ll be free of my outrageously overpriced Tmobile/Starbucks Hotspot account!!!
Sprint (finally) released an ExpressCard wireless broadband card. My wife has had a PCMCIA wireless card for a few months and really likes it. I’ve been waiting, mostly impatiently for this announcement. Seems I missed it by 9 days or so.

I’ve had a Tmo hotspot account for 21 months (I checked), and while very useful, paying for wifi is just hard to swallow. The only benefit has been the sheer number of Starbucks that exist around the country, Im usually not out of touch for too long. Of course the few times I really wish I had a connection are the times I’m in DIA, waiting for a flight, or another location that has resisted assimilation into the Starbucks collective, and worse yet has chosen to over charge for wifi. Heck even San jose Airport has no free wifi. it’s the frakkin’ Silicon Valley for crying out loud!

So despite my not traveling THAT much, I’m gonna have to shell out a little more to be truly untied. Technology eh.

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