Pretty Scooters Make Graves (part two)

Everytime I sit down to write a continuation of my original piece it rapidly turns into a laundry list of complaints about the human race. Where is everybody trying to get to so fast? A more humorous example of this came today as I noted the herd of mostly empty SUVs passing me rather unsafely on University. I slowly putted to a stop next to them at a stoplight a half mile down the road. The funniest part of this cluster-driving is when one car in a gaggle has to make a turn, and none of the others can get around it because they have to stop too quickly. I like to wave as I coast by in the right lane.

For those of you contemplating purchasing one of these fine little machines, note well: The 50cc models can be legally parked on the sidewalk in Denver, but they just don’t climb hills. This isn’t usually a problem in Denver proper, but once you get out into the suburbs, you flat out need a bigger engine unless you are crazy or stupid (I am probably both). Another thing I learned only very recently is that the 125cc model of the scooter I have actually gets much better gas mileage. Something about the number of pistons and keeping the engine revs low.

The negative experiences with four-wheel motorists aside, it’s well worth the experience. You don’t actually understand concepts like momentum and wind resistance and balance until you really feel them firsthand. I’m about to clock my 1000th mile on this thing, and I plan on getting many thousands more out of it. Just not in Cherry Hills Village. Those people drive like retards.

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  1. John (unregistered) on September 20th, 2006 @ 5:17 pm

    “Just not in Cherry Hills Village. Those people drive like retards.”

    And they live in Highlands Ranch… I lose count of the SUVs with a single blonde woman in them that pass me on my way to the store.

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