Baseball Mania

I’m sitting in the Thin Man, feeding my social craving, and two local writers Liz and Brenda have just finished composing this essay titled “Baseball Mania” shortly after arriving, presumably from a baseball game. I will now transcribe (with minor edits) below:napkin-essay.jpg

We are writing to express our concern at the state of a society that allows an adult ego to usurp the joy of a 7-year-old boy in his quest for a foul ball. As a section (III) we watched a grown man go home with the ball thrown to a wonderful boy named Dylan. The right fielder, Hawpe, was kind enough to toss a foul ball to Dylan only to have it stolen by this egomaniac. Although we could have bonded as a section to forcibly return the ball its rightful owner, we chose to take the high road, hoping our humbleness would propel this adult malcontent to rethink his actions (ie. give the ball back to Dylan and his older brother Zach, restoring their faith in humanity).

We watched a 9-year-old stand up against an adult for the rights of his little brother. We watched a family come together with their stadium section, and they became stronger for it (albeit without the coveted ball).

Baseball is about the kids; Dylan and Zach play baseball. It is our national pasttime. Although the course of history may not be significantly altered by today’s events, we felt strong enough about the “wrong” experienced today to share our story. We hope that by sharing the events that transgressed this afternoon, we might encourage others to contribute to the joy of children as they celebrate the culture that baseball represents.

With kind regards,

Elizabeth Mourer, et al.

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