Utilitarian Guide to Scooters (Part One of More-than-one)

http://denver.metblogs.com/archives/images/2006/08/cj-scooter-thumb.jpgThis is my new best friend C.J. As a roundabout way of introducing her, I’ll mention that my friend Carmen used to work at Fascinations. I saw a billboard the other day that said something to the effect of “Porn. It’s cheaper than dating.”

For those of you following at home, what I’m saying is that the TCO of buying a brand new scooter from Sportique (as opposed to trying to navigate the incredibly tight used market) means the scooter is practically free. Because gas is expensive. Now do you understand my metaphor? Thanks. Keep in touch.

And finally, ducks! In Wash Park!

As a side note, the magic of the internet has been made abundantly clear to me. I stopped by the Thin Man today to say hello to Stephanie, and through a ridiculous turn of events found out that my last post is number four in a google search for “thin man denver” only below Citysearch, AOL Cityguide, and my friend Ricardo at the Denver Post. I had an epiphanette about these guys and I think they’ll probably make like a bazillion dollars. Invest now. You heard it here first.

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  1. dvd (unregistered) on August 21st, 2006 @ 12:51 am

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