Good News for Dog Lovers (and hikers)

dogtags.jpgLike to head to Boulder and hit the open spaces, the trailheads, and the foothills to do some hiking? Have a dog with you? Well now you can take your canine to the mountains off-leash and let him roam the trail alongside you within sight and sound control — for a small fee (of course).

The City and County of Boulder just adopted a great new “Voice and Sight Dog Tag” program, and it’s already being enforced, so if you have Fido off-leash on Sanitas or Chautauqua, make sure he’s registered in the program.

For $15 (Boulder) or $18.75 (for non), you can register online or walk in to a site, get tags for your pup and be on your way (a fine would be triple this). No need to renew, it’s not a yearly, but dogly, permit.

Interested? Visit the site. Watch a 10 minute video. Pay the registration. Viola.

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  1. Bex (unregistered) on August 16th, 2006 @ 8:41 am

    I think this is a great idea – granted you can actually control your dog via voice/sight commands. I am thinking of registering my pile-of-fluff, as we spend so much time in Boulder.

    She does very well with voice commands and rarely leaves my side while walking, so I think she’d do fine with this.

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