Thanks For A Great Time, Kyle!

Let’s Do It Again Sometime!!!

Last night’s Capture The Flag event covering the 16th Street Mall area was a great success. Some 200+ people showed up for it, and an amazing variety of strategies both organized and freelance were in evidence:

  • Bicycle scouts went zipping through enemy territory to find on which corner the goods were stashed. (They couldn’t actually steal the flag, not without ditching their bike; rules said you had to get it back to your territory under foot power alone.)
  • I understand the green team stole the blue team’s flag in the first game by riding the mall shuttle back and forth and back and forth and then choosing an opportune moment to get out and grab it.
  • I saw the blue team try to return the favor in the second game by arriving on the corner of 17th and California by car…
  • …by bike taxi…
  • …and by bus.
  • The usual high-school hijinks were also applied, such as pretending to be going to “jail” in order not to be tagged on one’s way to rescue a “prisoner.” Thththbbbp.
  • Those of us, like me, who stand no chance of running down a fleeing enemy team member, mostly put ourselves to work yelling the position of incoming would-be flag stealers and herding them towards the faster runners (and those with wheels).

Most of what I saw with my own eyes from my position of green team defense was a lot of fun and camaraderie and mostly good sportsmanship. Kyle is apparently uploading pictures as we speak over at the Blog. Go check ’em out!

Afterwards, the green team captain (hi Greg!) and anyone who was within earshot when he announced it headed off to Dixon’s for to replenish our bodies’ necessary stores of water, protein, carbohydrates, and alcohol. I regret that these diners did not include the very nice blue team member whom I tackled on his bike at the very beginning of the first game. To him I say, “Sorry, dude. You were a great sport. I hear you got your brakes fixed during your stay in jail? Come on up to Boulder some time. I owe you a drink.”

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