Denver, A Crime Hub, Huh?

According to an article on MSNBC, metro Denver has been a base for counterfeit documents and distributing millions of dollars worth of fake IDs, drivers’ licenses, Green Cards, birth certificates and other important Government issued IDs. This crime ring has been investigated by various Government agencies, DHS-ICE, IRS and US Postal Service, to name a few. (Read the full article here)

The article states that there is a ‘heavy presence in Denver’ and more than 50 some people have been detained or deported. Also, the alleged ‘rivalry’ between counterfeiting groups is astonishing to me. What you are doing is illegal! How can you raise a fuss because another group is attempting to take some of your profits? All this does is bring more attention to your illegal and highly dangerous activities. Overall, it is a good thing that these criminals are a little slow off the mark, makes it easier for Law Enforcement to catch ’em.

I guess I am na├»ve in thinking that these types of things don’t occur, at this magnitude, in Denver.

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