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– I met my first blogger tonight. I’ve met people that had blogs before. Many of my friends have blogs themselves (I got ya hooked didn’t I?). But until tonight I’d never met a blogger from ‘out there’ face to face.

– Right after this site went live I noticed some comments popping up here and on my own blog. Being the responsible blogger that I am, I went out to see who was knocking. It turned out to be fellow blogger, newly transplanted coloradan, and kindred spirit Kath, who runs the ever interesting A Likely Story. Comments led to email which led to IM’s which became a phone call. Long story short, these two bloggers weren’t gonna wait for an early April Rockies game to have beers and talk blogs. We were gonna do it now.

– We decided on Gordon Biersch, a national brewery and restaurant chain that has decided to grace Denver with it’s presence. Although GB has been in the Village at Flatirons since they built the mall, it’s been forever since I’ve gone. I went a few times years ago, but it’s been too long for me to do a fair comparison. The more I think about it, I realize that I had their food for take-out more than I actually ate there (I used to work at the Omni Interlocken Resort and we’d all get takeout regularly.).

– I had the Chicken Marsala and went for their seasonal micro (the tasty Maibach). I dug the beer and the food. I have to say that I’m still partial to the Italian style of Chicken Marsala that Carrabbas dishes up, but It was a good plate of food none-the-less. And for size? Points. It nearly took me the entire time to finish that plate off and Kath had to get a box for hers. We passed on dessert due to fullness, but stayed for a while longer.

– Kath and I talked a little about our traffic, blog chest-thumping I guess, but we’re both too humble for it to really be that. I guess I do this because love it, not always for the hits. But sitting there at the table with another blogger, I came to the realization that I’ve placed myself in the public eye through this. I’m not famous by any stretch of the imagination, and I could probably name most if not all of my regular readers. But through this and my own blog I’ve seen that there is a potential there, something I believe is unsurpassed in this information revolution. There is a world out there that is begging to be explored. Blogs are still new, but they are already changing the face of media as we know it. They are like that pre-teen that everyone knows is going to be a knockout, but still has pimples. There are and will be growing pains as we discover new and exciting ways to use this media, but blogging is something that will make it’s mark on this entire planet. It will make it’s mark on your country, your state, and your city. So do yourself a favor. Go meet a local blogger.

Thanks Kath, for dinner and for helping me expand my world.

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  1. Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little (unregistered) on March 7th, 2006 @ 8:18 am

    Yay! Blogging meet-ups! I tried to meet up with a New Orleans Metblogger while I was there, but we somehow failed to connect during that week. Dunno what it could be, it’s not like we had anything else to do. For Mardi Gras. With, like, 2-4 parades rolling every night. And high school cronies to meet up with. And… yeah.

    Maybe we should swing a Denver Metblogger meet-up sometime.

    I recently had occasion to use Gorden Beirsch’s wi-fi whilest ensconced at a table in Border’s. GB’s wi-fi is free, see. Border’s goes in for the pay-to-use tmobile thingie. But all I could think is, “What is with this wi-fi at breweries thing? Don’t people know you shouldn’t drink and post (to Usenet, blog comments, forums)?” Weird!

  2. Bex (unregistered) on March 7th, 2006 @ 9:36 am

    I’d be up for a Denver Metroblog meet-up… I think :)

  3. Kath (unregistered) on March 7th, 2006 @ 9:38 am

    Me too!

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