The Wednesday Afternoon RTD Edition

A Conversation on the Eastbound BX pulling out of the Station at 5:00 PM:

Me: Random question for you.
Driver: Yeah?
Me: Got any tips on beating car sickness caused by reading on the bus?
Driver: I don’t know… Sit at the front?
Me: And here I am!
Driver: Exactly. Don’t know what else to tell you. Affects some people more than others. Some people are fine with it, some people throw up.

Apparently, for me, the trick is to sit at the front, to mostly try using the laptop only during daylight rides, and to avoid whoever was driving the AB that departed Boulder Station last Friday at 6:18 PM. Oh my Gods that ride did a number on my tummy. Today, however, I was actually able to get work done on the bus; knocked out some 500 words on the current freelance writing job. (Another 1500 would be summarily shot and killed at the Boulder IHOP that night between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM, or more precisely between midnight and two, as the time between ten and midnight was spent procrastinating. About the IHOP, more another day.) For once I managed to keep it up even after another rider sat down next to me at the Table Mesa Park-n-Ride. I typically freeze up as soon as it becomes possible for someone to read over my shoulder, see. It’s paranoid. It’s irrational. It happens. Thank goodness for the Fn-F3 “Toggle Display On/Off” feature.

A Conversation at the First Sight of the Traffic on Hwy 36, ibid.

Me: [long, low “lookitdat” whistle]
Seat Neighbor: [looks round]
Me: Hope nobody’s got tight connections to make.
Seat Neighbor: If they’ve got tight connections, they ought to have taken an earlier bus.

Here’s a trick for you blog addicts with laptops and long bus rides. First, use Mozilla Firefox or another tabbed browser of your preference. Then, before you leave your reliable source of Wi-Fi signal, load up a favorite blog whose archives you have not yet read to death. (Today, that would be Miss Snark, the Literary Agent.) Use the “open in new tab” right-click menu option to load up about ten different entries. Read.

Also, it’s good to know which bus stops have reliable signal that you can pounce on, and to have those network names programmed in as “Connect automatically when in range.” For instance, any regional bus in Boulder going Hwy 36 will put you in range of the Peaberry Coffee (SSID: “coffee”) on Baseline and Broadway for about half a minute. You have to actually visit a Peaberry location once, though, to get the user login needed to get past their splash screen. No, I’m not going to reveal it here. Peaberry would not appreciate that.

An Explosion on the Westbound B that left Market Street Station at 9:00 PM:

Anonymous comment on a Miss Snark post: Congrats, Mark!! To judge by the singular lack of periods in your narrative you’re PREGNANT!

Me: Snrk! [Pinches nose to keep from busting out laughing and awakening napping seat neighbor]

Napping Seat Neighbor: Snrrr….

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