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I’m a writer by trade, and as such I like to, er… write. As luck has it, I happen to be doing that currently. But I’m strange that way. I figure I write an average of 3,000-4,000 words a day of some sort, not including e-mails. Don’t get excited. Sometimes that means a 10,000-word binge on a Saturday night, while other times it’s neglecting the trade altogether. Okay, maybe the average is 3,500 words. Maybe 2,500. Whatever.

The fact is I like to write while I’m drinking coffee, smelling coffee, hearing coffee ground, or around other people enjoying coffee. (Not tea, mind you, tea is for the weak I believe. Those who can’t “handle their mud.”)

Anyway, since I like to write and I love coffee (I mean—is there anything better, really?), I thought I’d take a stab at what I believe to be the best places for coffee in Denver. True we’re not Seattle. Not even a swank place like Minneapoils (whose Caribou Coffee has already invaded), but we have our own breed of baristas that we’d take into the coffee-slinging war on any day of the week. Here they are*:

*Please note that these are my personal favs, not really indicitive of the Denver populus, and in no particular order.

1. Metropolis Coffee (300 West 11th Ave.)
2. Starbucks at REI (1416 Platte Ave.)
3. Peets Cherry Creek (2500 E. Second Ave.)
4. Emogene Cherry Creek (2415 E Second Ave.)
5. Common Grounds (1601 17th St.)
6. ink! Coffee Commons Park (1590 Little Raven St.)
7. The Market (1445 Larimer Sq.)
8. Monkey Bean (2470 Broadway)
9. Paris on the Platte (1553 Platte St.)
10. Perk and Pub (863 Ohio St.)

Some web sites that spend way too much time talking about coffee in Denver:

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