Denver is cleaner? Heck ya!

Whilst chillin’ with my friends en route to Parallel 17, the Vietnamese Pho/bar/mini-club on the corner of 17th and Franklin last week, we stumbled upon something you’re not supposed to see anymore on the corner of 17th and Franklin. A fight.

Well, not a fight exactly. More like one poor drunk man getting the bejesus kicked out of him by a bunch of–wait for it–junior high school kids. The man was on the ground, bleeding, while about six angry boys and–yes–-girls were kicking, punching, and berating him. Yes ladies and gents, welcome to the new face of Denver.

Well, not exactly. You see, Denver has gone to great pains (excuse the pun) to clean up the area along Colfax, 17th and 18th, the west-east street that take you from Downtown out to the indie music clubs, the Zoo, Colorado Blvd. and the Children’s Hospital–a mere three or four blocks from the incident. And this is what concerns me. My wife is a Children’s physician and often eats in this new trendy corridor. What’s to say she’s not next?

Mad at me yet? I would be. Although this illustrative story is actually true (we called the police, scattered the kids, took reports, etc.), it’s exactly the kind of stuff that gets printed in the free dailies, granola weeklies and even the town’s two major papers.

Is the area at the corner of 17th and Franklin dangerous? Hardly. We’ve stayed at Parallel 17 for hours, closing down the place and staggering out with not a care in the world–or somebody bothering us.

My point? Let’s start enjoying the city that wants us to enjoy it again. Namely the developments and the new retial shops along 17th and Colfax. Stay late after a show at the Filmore, have a beer and a burrito at Dulcinea’s 100th Monkey, or take a stroll. (Okay, don’t take a stroll, but you get the idea).

After all, it’s people who stop telling the story a few paragraphs back who aren’t real Denverites. Take heart, fellow citizens. The city is cleaning up. And if Colfax has new sushi bars popping up, then there’s no reason to not go out and enjoy. All of ye. ‘Cause I’ll be there, enjoying some Pho and a beer.

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