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A Sneak Peek of the DNC & Reassurance

Yesterday there was an article in the Post on providing a sneak peek at the Pepsi Center right before the start of the Democratic National Convention. Great idea! I’d love to see the place all dressed up! If you’re interested, you’ll have to watch for tickets to go on sale. The article doesn’t mention price or dates.

Interesting, half way through the article it takes a twist, and once again reassures us that traffic and “quality of life” will not be an issue during the convention. No mention on parking issues in this article, but if you go to Q&A page on, the city assures us that “It is important to remember that 50,000 (expected attendees) is less than the number of people that come downtown for Rockies’ Opening Day or for a Broncos game. Denver has hosted games in all three downtown stadiums at the same time, involving close to 150,000 people.” If you go to the Q&A page and search on the word “park” you’ll also find other reassuring statements that residents, business owners and employees should expect little to no interference getting to and from downtown locations, despite the fact that the Pepsi Center will not be accessible for parking.

Do I find their reassuring statements comforting? Not really. We just happened to be downtown on a Rockie’s opening game day this year, but were there for a show at the Performing Arts Center. For those of you that drove downtown for the game, expecting to find affordable parking, you instead found $40+ parking prices around the stadium? So, those attending the game parked in the Performing Arts Center parking garage–can’t blame ‘em–and filled the garage to capacity. When we showed up an hour in advance for our show, traffic was jammed for blocks while cars were rerouted into the Convention Center’s parking garage, because their parking garage was full. What a MESS! Once in the Convention Center Parking garage we saw long lines of people trying to get into elevators while we continued to ascend floor after floor searching for parking. By the time we were able to park, we had ten minutes to get to the theater. Needless to say, we missed our show. We complained with the Performing Arts Center. They were apologetic, and referred us to the City of Denver, who runs the parking garage. The City of Denver’s response is that they don’t care who parks in the garage, they don’t care about the price gouging around the sports arenas, they have no intentions of addressing parking issues and our complaint was not appreciated. So again, do I find their reassuring statement comforting? Not really.

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