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One Lunch Date, Interrupted By Livestock

So my husband and I are meeting for lunch on the 16th Street Mall. I get off the Mall Shuttle, look around at our dining options, and text him:

[Me] Executive decision: Rialto Cafe.
[Him] Kk! OMW!

So far so good. Confident that it won’t take him long to get here from the 19th/California/20th/Broadway intersection tangle, I go in and order us drinks and cornbread.

Some minutes later:

[Him] Held up by cattle herd. I shit you not.
[Me] O RLY?
[Him] Yes. I has a picture, but not a great one because I was "zomg cattle!"

Stock Show Parade (1)
Stock Show Parade (2)

Well then.

The National Western Stock Show

I’m not originally from here. I’m not originally from anywhere where stock animals “come to town” and have a show!
Except maybe the circus… But anyway…

The National Western Stock Show is in town!
The stock!
What does that mean?
It means from now – Jan 10th till Jan 25th Denver and Denver Coliseum will be filled with lots of animals!
And per their website:
“The National Western Stock Show’s mission is to preserve the western lifestyle through an emphasis on education, and we take this mission seriously.”

There are a ton of things going on! The schedule is jammed packed. There is a rodeo. There is a horse show. There is just a lot of stuff going on.

But most important to me – is the parade!
Yes indeedie, there is a parade scheduled for Jan 13th crusing thru down town! Long horn cattle will be taking a jaunt come high noon on the 13th!
Long Horn on Parade
I’ve seen some of these fellas during the St. Particks Day Parade and they are not small. They are BIG. And their horns… Oooofa!

But hey, it you are down town around noon on the 13th… Stop by 17th street and take a gander!
I’m sure it will be a hoot! See you there!

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