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Getting Political, part 1

*update*  8/27/2008 Read this and then see the comments section below for some interesting back and forth*

I think this blog is going to see more political posts in the coming week than it ever has and I’m intrigued to see how my fellow authors in the Mile High City feel about the visitors from around the world. I for one have reached a love and hate point tonight. After Bisset linked us to the Met I looked through the posts and found myself conflicted.

When I see someone wearing a bandanna over most of their face, dark clothes covering their body and shouting words like “FU*K the WAR!” and generally behaving like over sized toddlers in the middle of 16th street mall where kids and families are…I tend to have a feeling similar to bile in the back of my mouth. When people in this modern age think that The Man is out to get them, that the Police have nothing better to do then to push them down and that somehow Anarchy is a better way of life, it troubles me.

I’m all for freedom of speech. Lord knows it’s been a tenant of this country since we all got started way back when. But there are certain things that come into play. Assembling yourself in a manner that is against the law, blocking traffic and generally causing more pain for regular Joes’ and Janes’…that I have a problem with. Maybe I’m getting too old and cranky. Perhaps its the (R) blood shining through.

Perhaps my point is that when I see pictures from The Met with “FU*K a PIG!” sprayed on a wall…I have to wonder. I have to wonder what the point of this aggressively explicit wordplay is exactly. Sure, getting your point out is one thing. Knowing your audience is another.

Perhaps that’s my point. Denver is not Seattle. Maybe Boulder could pass for the Northwest. Here in Denver we’re a little more…intellectual. Mind you as I walked the streets on Sunday I heard plenty of statements about the men and women in Blue that threatened to send me into a tizzy. But maybe, just maybe…adjusting the manner of broadcasting your message might be better suited? I can only imagine how tired people are going to get of this week long protesting and violent action.

I guess what I’m asking for is some discussion. Our comment section has kind of gotten some cobwebs lately. I know there’s plenty of people out there with a unique perspective. So, let’s see if we can have a civil conversation about all this.


Update: Here’s a sample of a protester from today, via BigBagNews (warning, their normal videos are VERY coarse)


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