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Absinthe House now open in Foundry’s old location

Abisnthe House sign in front of the old Foundry location…that’s pretty much the news. Last year in November, the Foundry, a Boulder landmark nightspot, closed its doors for good. Today, you can wine and dine in that very location again, under the sign of Absinthe House.

Well, not literally under the sign. The Foundry’s iconic marquee remains empty of letters. For now, a sandwich-board chalk sign will have to do.

It had its grand opening just last week, but it’s been operating since mid-August or thereabouts. According to the Daily Camera, its focus is on “audiophiles, …foodies, [and] the vino culture.” With a dance floor, live DJs, and 24 different absinthes, the array of sensory stimuli offered is promising. Westword describes the restaurant’s offerings in more detail.

Absinthe House is already on the Downtown Boulder website, so if you’ve got a Downtown Boulder gift card you can probably use it there.

And that’s the news, coming straight to you from the sidewalk of downtown Boulder. If you’ve already been, tell us what you think about the new Absinthe House in the comments below.

Absinthe House: OPEN: Lunch ~ Dinner ~ Rooftop ~ Happy Hour

Join the DuckDuckDeal Treasure Hunt tomorrow at 4

You’ve heard of DuckDuckDeal, right? You’re following them on Twitter, aren’t you? Liked them on Facebook? (Link goes harmlessly to DuckDuckDeal’s Info page. Link is not a Like link. External Like links can DIAF.) Have you got their iPhone App?

OK, more context. I follow them on Twitter via mobile device, so at intervals throughout the day I get text messages on my phone telling me that, for instance, ModMarket was offering a bottle of wine and a pizza for $10 until 6 PM to customers brave enough to utter the password “duckduck” at the register. That’s a dang good deal, one I regret not having followed up on either time I saw it go active.

Another one I regret forgoing was yesterday’s Treasure Hunt Kick-Off. I saw them tweet its imminent approach while I was busy distressing my thighs with an unaccustomed number of squats in the cause of helping with the eggplant transplanting initiative over at Abbo. (They’re in the ground. They’re already flowering. Stay tuned for the CSA eggplant cornucopia and Niki’s Favorite “I Don’t Like Eggplant” eggplant parmesan recipe.) By the time the clue hit the intarwebs and the treasure-hunters hit the street, I was sacked out in bed being not much good to the world. (Sorry, world.)

So. Congrats to Monday’s Clue #1 winner, who snagged a $50 gift certificate to Japango (dang!) and released a piece of treasure map unto Boulder.

The next clue goes public tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21st at 4:00 PM. It will be revealed exclusively on Facebook. (Don’t worry; the DuckDuckDeals Wall is public. I don’t think you need a Facebook account to play.)

I’m in – are you?

Dining Out For Life: April 29, 2010

That new restaurant you’ve been thinking of checking out. That splurge you’ve been owing yourself for months. That person you’ve been meaning to ask out to lunch ever since they first caught your eye. That early morning breakfast date you and your spouse have long said you ought to incorporate into the weekly before-work routine.

You know what would be a great day to finally go ahead and do it?

On April 29, 2010, over 300 participating restaurants will agree to donate 25% of their food sales to Project Angel Heart. Diners simply eat out for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at participating restaurants. By eating out on Dining Out for Life® day, they support their favorite eateries, enjoy delicious food, and benefit Project Angel Heart, all at once.

Project Angel Heart is all about making sure those enduring difficult times have, at the very least, the support of a good square meal. They deliver meals to those suffering from HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses, ensuring that their immune systems get the right nutritional support. It also goes a long way toward reaffirming that someone cares.

During eighteen years of phenomenal growth, our goal has always remained the same: ‘meals with love’ for men, women, and children living with life-threatening illness.

Feeling cared about has an impact on how well one responds to medical treatment, on how well one’s immune system stands up to illness. So that, too, is a sort of “nutrition” that Project Angel Heart delivers. And since their services are free of charge, they help lighten the financial load that dealing with illness imposes on sufferers.

For over 800 clients served each week, Project Angel Heart embodies stability and hope by providing nutritious meals, free of charge, and specifically prepared to meet the nutritional needs of each individual client. Life-threatening illnesses can drain a person’s energy and finances, threaten their dignity, limit their independence, and leave them feeling alone and vulnerable. Project Angel Heart provides life-saving nutrition necessary for physical, emotional, and financial health.

On April 29, go out and enjoy yourself, and know a portion of your tab is going to good use.

Find a participating restaurant here.

Agave Mexican Bistro & Tequila House

Agave Mexican Bistro & Tequila HouseAgave had been “coming soon” to Boulder for the better part of a year since La Maricopa left the corner at 28th and Valmont. (You know the place. That’s where Gondolier used to be before they moved into where Magic Mushroom Pizza used to be.) Then, about three months ago, I saw Agave posting Now Hiring ads in the paper. And yesterday a friend told me they’d been open for a little while now.

I finally had a chance to try them out today.

The restaurant pings my “fine dining” radar, first with the fancy-schmancy name (“Bistro” tends to mean “add ten bucks”), then with the dimly lit interior, the dark wood veneer tables, and of course the top shelf tequila. (My dining companion and I did not sample the tequila. Next time.) Also, the availability of table-side guacamole reminded me of the high-priced Cantina Laredo Gourmet Mexican Food (“Gourmet” is sort of like “Bistro”) down on the 29th Street Mall. But our bill turned out to fall somewhere between a Cantina Laredo splurge and a Casa Alvarez comfort food dinner: $31 for the two of us, post-tax but pre-tip.

We each had a $10 tamale plate. For me, the omnivore, there were Tamales Rojos y Verdes: one chicken tamale smothered in a delicious green chili, one pork tamale in a slightly bitter (mole, I’m guessing) red enchilada-style sauce. For my vegetarian dining companion, the Tamales Agave, two tamales stuffed with black beans and spinach and covered in green chili. The tamales were presented beautifully, lying atop their corn husks, garnished with cubes of tomatoes and mango.

The dishes came with a common bowl each of beans and rice to share. We had our choice: for beans, refried or black or… I forget what they called it, but it involved chorizo; for rice, Mexican or lime-cilantro. We had Mexican rice and refried beans. The latter came garnished with queso fresco. We ended up needing extra rice (hot tamales!). They didn’t end up charging us extra.

For dessert, we split the fried ice cream ($7). It was just the right size for two people who weren’t sure they had room for dessert. It was everything fried ice cream should be: vanilla bean ice cream served in a tostada shell, covered with the requisite crunchy stuff, topped with whipped cream, garnished with mint and a sliced strawberry, and drizzled with a chocolate sauce so rich it verged on alcoholic.

So the food was awesome. The service was too; we felt more than adequately taken care of and never spent an uncomfortable time waiting for anything. My only complaint, if I had to complain–if you twisted my arm and said, “Complain! Complain, or else!”–was the noise level. We sat in one of the booths near the bar, and I could hear the conversation from the booth behind my friend better than I could hear my friend herself. Our own conversation involved a moderate amount of bending our heads over the table and going “What?” To mitigate this complaint, I should note that there was a party of eight having a grand old time at the big table nearby. And the restaurant was full up, prime dining hour full. So I’m not surprised it was noisy.

Before we left, we made sure to check out the happy hour specials and hours. It’s from 3 to 6 on weekdays, there’s half off of appetizers, and there are beer and margarita specials that I didn’t look too closely at. I mean, after all, we were going to be back soon. We could investigate more closely then, right?

Restaurant Week Has Started!

It’s that time of the year – Restaurant Week in Denver!
I love restaurant week! All the cool expensive restaurants have a deal where you can pay 52.80 a couple or 26.40 a person if you are flying solo to enjoy some yummy eats!
Make sure you check the menu’s some of them offer up free wine or discounted cocktails – gotta make sure you get the most for your money in this economy!

My roster for this year is as follows:
Cru (yes I already know I love it, but doesn’t hurt to make sure!)
Vesta Dipping Grill (been meaning to try this place forever)
The Oceanaire
Soleil Mediterranean Grill and Wine
Pearl Street Grill

Keep an eye on Yelp for my reviews!

If you haven’t made your reservations for 5280 week, you are in luck, they just extended the end date to March 6th! Woohoo!
Get your choices in and dine away!!!

Elephant Hut Approacheth

Regulars and residents of Boulder’s Steel Yards neighborhood have been eagerly watching the developments in the restaurant space next-door to fave coffee house Joe’s Espresso. The space last housed Kerrigan’s, a sort of local Bennigan’s sort of place: Celtic knotwork on the tables, mostly American food on the menu. Before that it was LuLu’s, a soul food establishment that reopened briefly on the Hill before succumbing once more, I suppose, to local disinterest in stewed greens and damn fine catfish. Kerrigan’s shut down in… 2006? Early 2007? …leaving the restaurant space empty since. A lock box showed up on the door, and the windows got all papered over.

Then, some months ago, obvious signs of interior renovation in action. The sounds of saws and hammers filtered through the wall to disturb coffee-sipping patrons next door.

A sign went up on the 30th Street side of the building: ELEPHANT HUT THAI CUISINE. In the window, an LED sign: CLOSED, it said. For now.

The Sign Is Up

Soon afterwards, a liquor license hearing notification appeared in the window. The hearing date came and went. The notice came down. Around the east side, on the entrance facing the parking lot, hours had been posted: Lunch 11-3, Dinner 5-9 Mon-Thu and 5-10 Fri/Sat. Closed Sunday.

Hours of Operation

Wi-fi obsessed patrons at Joe’s – OK, well, that would be me – noticed a new WPA2-encrypted network in the area. So there I am, still blinking at the word “ElephantHut” in my Wireless Networks dialogue box, when a man walks into the cafe and playfully demands of the barista, “Where’s my pad thai? When do I get my pad thai, dangit?” Dude, I sympathize. I’m not even a fan of Thai food, and I want to know when I can get my pad thai. These incremental changes are like watching a slow-reveal movie hype campaign. They’re like opening the little doors on an Advent calendar. Dude.

This past weekend revealed a new development. My husband and I are walking home from the 29th Street Mall, and we notice something green up ahead on the sidewalk. We get closer and discover these plastic “hedge” blocks set out in a rectangle, surrounding an area of chairs and tables.

Now There's A Porch

That was Sunday; today the furniture are gone, but the “hedge” blocks are still there, some of them tumbled over. I’m figuring that one doesn’t set up outdoor furnishings that aren’t chained up or nailed down without having prompt follow-up intentions.

The indoors entrance door, the one near the restrooms, is no longer papered over, so you can see the interior decor. It’s pretty, in a gaudy bamboo-orchid-and-altar-figures sort of way. It makes for an interesting effect in combination with the Steel Yards warehouse-with-exposed-ducts-and-girders look.

You Can See Inside

Sir, I believe our pad thai is imminent. Stay tuned for further developments

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