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Yet another DNC post

So, my thoughts so far –

1. Despite the supposed huge presence of anarchists, what I have mostly seen is that capitalism is alive and thriving in downtown Denver. Although I did get a good chuckle out of one sign I saw that said, “Two cheeks of the same arse” and then had a picture of Obama on one side and a picture of McCain on the other side. Of course, after chuckling, I just had to shake my head. So what exactly do they think they are going to accomplish? Pretty much nothing. This is our system, folks. Work with it.

2. Most people seem interested in just seeing what is going on. I’ve seen some demonstrators and minor clashes with the police, including a group of police on horseback trying to keep a crowd back from what must have been an arrested protestor. I didn’t want to get too close, but the crowd was chanting, “Let him go, let him go” and the police were yelling for people to stand back. Eventually, the guy was taken off and not much else happened. But again, as I’ve walked around downtown, it mostly seems to be a lot of people just wanting to see what is all happening.

3. And then of course, there seem to be a lot of people just hoping to catch sight of a celebrity. I’ve heard one woman on her cell phone talking about Anne Hathaway – she obviously had met her. And I walked by Earl’s on Tuesday around lunch and a crowd was hovering outside, so I asked one of the 16th Street Mall guides and apparently Susan Sarandon had been spotted on the mall and Spike Lee was in Earl’s. By political standards, neither is very noteworthy. By normal standards of people who like to be star struck, pretty much par for the course.

I may be speaking too soon, but so far, it seems rather exciting for our city of Denver, but relatively tame in comparison to much more turbulent times.

I will have to admit that I did check out the MSNBC tower and while there I caught a glimpse of Jimmy Carter as he was being interviewed on the second floor of this tower, and then I caught a glimpse of him as he came down the stairs afterwards. Since you can’t really see much of anything on the second floor of this tower, it is obviously not built for the benefit of the public. It does give a nice view for the camera of Union Station and maybe?? some extra measure of security for the people being interviewed???? Not really sure…..

And since I plan to head back downtown tomorrow for a short time, it should be interesting to see what happens next. This time I’ll take my camera along, which probably means I won’t see anything noteworthy since I’ll actually be prepared for it this time.

Democrats to Party with New Orleans Relief Funds?

heroes_btn.jpgThe Denver Post reported that the one big Denver party for the DNC will be hosted by Friends of New Orleans whose mission is to help Katrina Victims and rebuild New Orleans.  Nothing on the FOE website mentions that they will be siphoning money off to help the Denver economy which (I venture to guess) is doing a lot better than NO.  Maybe this is going to help pay for those 16th Mall renovations?

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